Tunisia 2045 by Ted Hardy-Carnac (France)

The Warners by Emily Koopman (Canada)

THE FOURTH NIGHT by Mike Briock (United States)

The Call by Alban Ravassard (France)

Son of Man by Josh Cisewski (United States)

Shortly before disappearing by Guglielmo Poggi (Italy)

Schirkoa by Ishan Shukla (India)

SAVE by Iván Sáinz-Pardo (Spain)

Right Here or Over There by Mabille Pauline  (France)

Perched by Liam Harris (United Kingdom)

Pechorin by Roman Khrushch (Russian Federation)

Icky by Parastoo Cardgar (Iran, Islamic Republic of)

I don’t think that’s a leaf blower  by Stefano Pennisi (United States)

Gorilla by Tibo Pinsard (France)

Genesis by Robin Piree (Netherlands)

Furk by Devin Muckley (United States)

Flying by Jacob Hood (United States)

Fadeaway by Ron Leach (Canada)

Drawing Hope Screenplay by Chris Le Roy (Australia)

Dear Anima by Robin Lu Shieh (Taiwan)

Cocopa by Giorgio Martignoni (Italy)

Changing of the Leaves by Emory Parker (United States)

An Elephant on the Moon by Benjamin Barthélémy  (France)

Agnus Dei by Agim Sopi (Kosovo)

The Devil and the Holy Water by Diego Maria Malara (Finland)

Some Call That Love by Chauvin Marie (France)

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