Flowers Grow On The Shadows by Guillem Atienza  (Spain)

Intrinsic Moral Evil by Harm Weistra (Netherlands)

Sisters by David Chontos (United States)

Hartom by Arkus (United Arab Emirates)

Time Flies When I Am Having Fun by Johan Tappert (Sweden)

Female Model by Philippe Orreindy (France)

No Guarantee by Stuart Black, Nick Mather (United Kingdom)

Through The Pane by Dawn Westlake (United States)

Cheese Shop by Sammy Zeisel (United States)

Truth Of Society by Darren Summersby (Canada)

Rendez-Vous by Jimmy Boutry, Thibaud Chaufourier (France)

Sealand Cares! by Cara Brown (United States)

Two Oranges & A Lemon by Allison Beda (United States)

I Have Dreamed Of You So Much by Emma Vakarelova (France)

Horse Dad by Anna Hudzik (United States)

House For Sale by Isaac Rodriguez  (United States)

Nod  by Jake Hunsicker (United States)

Scattered by Ellie Harvie (Canada)

Throwline by Mia Mullarkey (Ireland)

Head Above Water by Eric Shahinian (United States)

Oh Brother by Mia Mullarkey (Ireland)

Mommy Heist by Anna Gutto  (United States)

Creswick by Natalie Erika James (Australia)

Share The Love (Mcdonald’S Spec Commercial) by Carter Tate (United States)

Just Jeans by Katie Enright (United States)

Fatum by Druart Film Sylvain, Turgard Séverine (France)

All My Demons – We The Lion by Jhonatan López (Peru)

The Prime by Jessica Green (United States)

A Brunch With Death by Sebastian Gat (United States)

Cypress Creek By James Smith, Jr., Michael Henderson (United States)

Divine Consultants By Juha Fiilin, Leo Viirret (Finland)

Desire. Screenplay By Joel Siroen (Australia)

Symptoms By Pierre-Louis Umdenstock (France)

Costume Drama By Marion Mcdowell (United Kingdom)

I’Ll Take My Answer In Aloha! By Eve Hands (United States)

Family Secrets By Neda Davarpanah (United States)

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